What's new at Turbulence Forecast


The all new Turbulence Forecast app was just released for iOS. We have pulled the Android app as the overwhelming majority of our audience is iOS.


It is unlikely that the maps that we had to pull down will make a return as they seem unwilling to license their use to us.


Donations and Forecast by Email now support Apple Pay for your convenience. With four out of five site visitors utilizing Apple Devices it just made sense to support it.

We continue to await for the return of the maps we recently had to take down. We have asked for a licensing agreement but we have to wait on them to provide it. As time goes on I'm losing faith that we will actually be able to license the maps.


Map return update

The missing maps may make a return, but we will have to restrict access and charge a membership fee for their access. Please take our quick survey linked below so we know the level of interest in the maps.

Take our quick two question survey on the missing maps


Some important changes happening at Turbulence Forecast.

  • One of our data sources has decided to stop allowing us to use their maps, so we have removed them from the website at their request. We are working on trying to get them licensed for our use.
  • The website menus have been slightly consolidated to remove the maps that are now missing.
  • The Android app will soon be pulled from the Google Play Store, we will no longer issue updates for it. Our mobile audience is 80% iOS and that's where we will focus our energy for apps.
  • The old iPhone and iPad app will soon be pulled from the Apple App store. They are too old to update and fix the menus for missing maps.
  • We will be releasing a brand new iPhone / iPad Turbulence Forecast app early this fall. Stay tuned for details.
  • The website is undergoing a new design refresh which will be released early this fall. Stay tuned for details.

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